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Based on the statistics, over 25% of college and university graduates cannot find work. One in three graduates now settling for low-skilled employment. Higher priority is being placed by Employers on experience over education. As you come across some of these headlines in the news, in the papers, on television, over the internet, there is no wonder today that students graduating from college or university have any hope or belief that they will end up with a high-skilled job, one that is within the area that they studied, and one that will allow them to help pay off their student loan. In fact, over 60% of college and university graduates graduate with a debt that surpasses $25,000. Some have gone so far to coin this generation that graduates from college or university as “Generation Jobless” What is worse is that while many feel that their college or university are not doing enough to assist them once they have completed their studies, hope is lost for many and the panic and stress sets in.

While many have graduated from a college or university, they had the luxury of possibly living at home with their parents, so while the panic has not set in, the urgency of not expecting to be there may be. Once you have graduated with a college or university degree, envisioning yourself starting a career immediately is always the goal. But instead, they are left jobless, getting more and more stressed and of course, mailing out a lot of resumes. Sadly, being a recent college or university graduate and subsequently, being jobless and anxiously sending out resumes is standard for many recent college grads these days. So if you are in this position, it is difficult not to let it get to you. Now, while the job market is always going to be a struggle for many, you are not entirely out of luck.

There are many ways to stay on course, and get ahead of the rest. First and foremost, always try to stay positive. This is something that is easier said than done, but do not be too upset or stressed if you do not get a job right away. It is critical that you stay focused and positive and continue to search for a job. One way that you can keep a positive mind frame is to keep reminding yourself how far you are in this journey and that you cannot stop now. Some good habits to get into so you stay positive include setting aside an hour a day to do something other than job searching, and stressing! Go running, grab that book you have wanted to finish, take a walk, treat yourself to a drink in the afternoon or just spend some quality time with friends and family. This will definitely go a long way in helping you to maintain a clear and positive focus, which may be what you need in order to land that job!

Another thing that you can do to stay ahead is by reducing your current cost of living. What does this mean exactly? Well, if you do not have any income coming in, you need to make sure that you reduce your expenses. Since you will not know how long you remain unemployed, be sure to begin eliminating unnecessary expenses in order to avoid diminishing your savings while increasing your debt. Live frugally, do not go out every night and remain focused on goal number 1 which is to find your career. One way that you can reduce your costs of living is to keep yourself busy. One of the ways of doing this is to pursue your hobbies, learning something new and remaining sharp while you are looking for a job. Often at times, looking for a full-time job is a full-time job in itself; so do not put your life on hold because of it. You may also look at benefiting your career by enhancing your skill-set while you have that free time.

Have you ever thought of broadening your job search in order to give yourself the best possible opportunity to obtain a full-time quicker? If it is seven days, seven weeks or even seven months from the time you graduate to start your first job. And if you are waiting more than half the year, the job search may be too narrow by only looking in limited areas, or within certain industries, and one that may require minimal travel to and from work. By being more open, the possibility of finding a job more quickly can be achieved. That is why you may want to consider broadening your search to land a job quicker, especially if you have been looking for seven months! Try to open yourself up to commuting to work a little further, more industries, more career types, and more entry- level positions, even if you are qualified for a high level job. Try to get your foot in the door anyway possible while trying to be realistic.

Whenever you interview and get overlooked for the position, try getting feedback from the interviewer by either asking them in the interview or by email, be sure to ask them what skills they would recommend to help in anyway . If you had struggled answering their interview questions, then get a friend or a family member to assist you with doing a mock interview to help you with improving your confidence. Anything to help build your skills and give you an edge when figuring out how to secure that coveted full-time job.

Professional networking can also really assist you during a job search. It is often a matter of who you know, not just what you know. Places like college alumni associations, career fairs all get help you build a solid network which you can later get in touch with when you are looking for a job. So while all of these points are important to apply to your routine, these are just ideas that will enhance your attitude and chances of securing the job. But what about finding the means to see what jobs are available? Places that post the jobs that you would like to apply for. Places like job boards, specific job websites that post positions of all kinds. These are ultimately the most important tools you need as without this, you will not be aware of what is available and where to apply to.

So you have no job, you are told to upgrade your skill set, stay positive and try networking yourself without spending too much money. You are also advised to improve on your interview skills to gain more confidence. However, many college and university graduates all feel the same once they have graduated, and that is the need to be guided down the right path once graduation is complete in order to get the best chance to land a job. Nothing more and nothing less, correct? Well, though that may be the case, it is not always that simple and that is why many grads struggle with the reality they have.

But, it is important to know that while many don’t know where to turn once they see the signs of no employment setting in, it is good to know that there are alternative solutions to making sure that new graduates from college and university can reach out and find help with there challenge towards finding a steady career. See, while some settle on a job that is below their skill level just to pay off their debt or pay bills, others can find relief in the form of an online portal that understands the challenges new graduates from college or university face. was setup to alleviate any and all issues that arise from the challenges facing new graduates, junior positions and students. We have tailored our website to gear towards helping students, new graduates and junior positions find work without having to cope with all that stands in their way.

The unfortunate reality with online job boards and job lists today is that these websites post jobs that require experience, something that new graduates, students and junior level individuals are seeking. That is how these individuals get trapped in a cycle where they feel they are in a catch-22. They try to get a college or university degree only to be told once they are complete that they need experience. Is there hope or an option out there that will help new graduates and students get their foot in the door? As a matter of fact, there is! The website is a website portal focusing on offering new graduates, students and junior level positions to those that are looking for entry-level positions, student jobs and summer internships. We specialize in helping those individuals find jobs that are not below the skill level, are not low-skill level positions, period.

Along with providing fundamental job opportunities for new graduates and students, there are many benefits to signing up with Our website includes a FREE membership where you connect directly with prospecting employers looking to hire new graduates and students with entry level and junior positions. We have made our website easy to navigate through and use, so you do not feel intimidated in anyway when you come to our website. And best of all, we have new jobs that are updated daily, giving you extra incentive to visit our website on a regular basis.

Along with finding credible jobs for entry level positions and junior positions on our website, there are many other benefits that you will find when using our service. We have an advanced job search feature and an accompanying automated match tool that will help you match your skills with the jobs posted.

Want your resume/CV to stand out from the rest? It can by using our Top Resume feature, which gives your resume/CV top priority over the other resumes/CVs by listing it in a higher sequence than regular resumes/CVs. This is essential if you are looking to seek higher visibility towards employers. This bodes well because with thousands of jobs added daily from all over the world including USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, India, there are many advantages to working closely with

So if you are ready to shed the stereotype of looking for work where employers are in turn looking for individuals with experience, visit where employers and recruiters are always looking for new graduates and students every day to place you in junior positions and entry level positions that are not low skilled. Come where employers and recruiters will find you; on!

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