Travel Coordinator $ 800/week, Other

Job Title: Travel Coordinator $ 800/week
Country: Canada
State/Province: AB
City: Other
Company: BML Travel LTD
Job Category: Part-Time
Keywords: Travel Coordinator $ 800/week - Other, AB, Canada Travel Coordinator $ 800/week - Other, AB, Canada
Job Type: New Graduate
Job Title: Travel Coordinator $ 800/week - Other, AB, Canada
Job Description:
Position: Travel Coordinator
Salary: $ 800/week
Job Type: Home Office, Part-Time. Or you can easily combine it with any other job you have.
Training: We provide Trial Period with training. So you'll get all necessary experience in process.
Probationary Period Offer: 14 days; 5% for every completed order.

Perform clerical tasks related to the efficient maintenance and processing of transactions from customers. To become Travel Coordinator you must have good organizational skills and be able to work under deadline pressure.

Accompany sales: Prepare, verify, and process payments;
Verify that transactions comply with financial policies and procedures;
Transfer money to headquarters;
Keeping accurate records of operations.

We sometimes have customers that owe us funds and pay us in financial instruments cashable only in the local area. Since we work all over the world, it is much easier for our customers to transfer money to our Travel Coordinator who are in the same area. After receiving funds Travel Coordinator must record information about transfer and report. Then send money to one of our branches.
Reduces % of taxes (avoiding double taxation);
Reduces expenses for offices maintenance (as Travel Coordinator is an official company's representative, so the construction and maintenance of the office is not required);
Number of clients is increased (as many customers can't make an international money transfer);
Our service is increased (as the international transfer needs about 5 days to reach our official local office and then a couple of days to reach the performers branch. Consequently, it slows down our work significantly. It'd be much faster if Travel Coordinator receives the money and directs them to the appropriate department/branch. This is how we reduce terms of payments expectation and can provide a service to the customer more promptly);
Improves quality of reporting (each Travel Coordinator is responsible for one's region. That system allows us to quickly and accurately make up all the reports and avoid their mess up.)  

BML Travel LTD

Hiring Manager: Marlon Castillo


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