Management - Entry Level, Brampton, On

Job Title: Management - Entry Level
Country: Canada
State/Province: ON
City: Brampton, On
Company: Traboulay Agency
Job Category: Insurance
Keywords: Management - Entry Level - Brampton, On, ON, Canada Management - Entry Level - Brampton, On, ON, Canada
Job Type: Junior Position
Job Title: Management - Entry Level - Brampton, On, ON, Canada
Job Description:
The ideal candidate has above average communication skills, including active listening; a competitive spirit; the ability to juggle multiple tasks at the same time and above all else, the confidence to consistently ask for business and close deals.

Job Description: We have high standards for our management team and our representatives. It is expected you are to ensure our company's policies are being followed in order to deliver exceptional customer service. It is also expected management will lead and develop skills with staff and representatives under your supervision. Possessing leadership and strong communication skills is very important in this position.

Management is also responsible for handling any unresolved and outstanding issues. Additionally, analyzing representative’s performance and aiding them to improve quality, performance, sales and customer service are duties performed by management. Performing and conducting interviews on a face to face aspect. Managing scheduling for your team.

We Will Give You:
•  Full Training
• Skills for life: how to solve problems, how to adapt to change, and how to tough it out in the face of adversity
• The chance to work with people who will become your second family
• A workplace that’s never boring
• The opportunity to make someone’s day, every day
• Rewards and recognition as you blaze your own trail and ignite your career


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