Jobs For Your Area, Edmonton

Job Title: Jobs For Your Area
Country: Canada
State/Province: AB
City: Edmonton
Company: DigitalMoneyTimes LLC
Job Category: Business Development/Account Managers
Keywords: Jobs For Your Area - Edmonton, AB, Canada Jobs For Your Area - Edmonton, AB, Canada
Job Type: Intern
Job Title: Jobs For Your Area - Edmonton, AB, Canada
Job Description:
Title:  Manager, Entry Level Clerk  
Line of Service:  Consulting & Deals  
City:  AB|Edmonton

Job Description:

Our extensive selection of services provides business with the value they’re looking for.  Our Consulting and Deals 

practices provide advice and assistance based on our financial, analytical and business process skills to enhance the 

performance of companies of all sizes.

Digital Money Times is your opportunity of a lifetime.  You’ll be inspired by the engaging work you do, the diverse people 

on your team, and the clients we serve – from world-renowned brands to innovative start-ups. As a team member, you’ll be 

learning and your insights will be embraced in an environment that values leadership and excellence. 


· Experience in governance, compliance and controls, ideally demonstrated in of related work;
· Experience with anti-bribery and corruption regulations would be an asset;
· Strong communication skills and a proven ability to contribute within a team environment, interacting successfully with 

peers and senior staff;
· Good interpersonal skills and the ability to liaise with the clients at a professional level; 
· Good interviewing skills;
· Proven ability in documenting and reporting.


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