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how to find a job or internship for university and college new and recent graduates

You cannot find a job? So how to find Entry Level Jobs or Internships for new university and college graduates?

Based on the statistics, over 25% of college and university graduates cannot find work. One in three graduates now settling for low-skilled employment. Higher priority is being placed by Employers on experience over education. As you come across some of these headlines in the news, in the papers, on television, over the internet, there is no wonder today that students graduating from college or university have any hope or belief that they will end up with a high-skilled job, one that is within the area that they studied, and one that will allow them to help pay off their student loan. In fact, over 60% of college and university graduates graduate with a debt that surpasses $25,000. Some have gone so far to coin this generation that graduates from college or university as “Generation Jobless” What is worse is that while many feel that their college or university are not doing enough to assist them once they have completed their studies, hope is lost for many and the panic and stress sets in.

While many have graduated from a college or university, they had the luxury of possibly living at home with their parents, so while the panic has not set in, the urgency of not expecting to be there may be. Once you have graduated with a college or university degree, envisioning yourself starting a career immediately is always the goal. But instead, they are left jobless, getting more and more stressed and of course, mailing out a lot of resumes. Sadly, being a recent college or university graduate and subsequently, being jobless and anxiously sending out resumes is standard for many recent college grads these days. So if you are in this position, it is difficult not to let it get to you. Now, while the job market is always going to be a struggle for many, you are not entirely out of luck.

There are many ways to stay on course, and get ahead of the rest. First and foremost, always try to stay positive. This is something that is easier said than done, but do not be too upset or stressed if you do not get a job right away. It is critical that you stay focused and positive and continue to search for a job. One way that you can keep a positive mind frame is to keep reminding yourself how far you are in this journey and that you cannot stop now. Some good habits to get into so you stay positive include setting aside an hour a day to do something other than job searching, and stressing! Go running, grab that book you have wanted to finish, take a walk, treat yourself to a drink in the afternoon or just spend some quality time with friends and family. This will definitely go a long way in helping you to maintain a clear and positive focus, which may be what you need in order to land that job!

Another thing that you can do to stay ahead is by reducing your current cost of living. What does this mean exactly? Well, if you do not have any income coming in, you need to make sure that you reduce your expenses. Since you will not know how long you remain unemployed, be sure to begin eliminating unnecessary expenses in order to avoid diminishing your savings while increasing your debt. Live frugally, do not go out every night and remain focused on goal number 1 which is to find your career. One way that you can reduce your costs of living is to keep yourself busy. One of the ways of doing this is to pursue your hobbies, learning something new and remaining sharp while you are looking for a job. Often at times, looking for a full-time job is a full-time job in itself; so do not put your life on hold because of it. You may also look at benefiting your career by enhancing your skill-set while you have that free time.

Have you ever thought of broadening your job search in order to give yourself the best possible opportunity to obtain a full-time quicker? If it is seven days, seven weeks or even seven months from the time you graduate to start your first job. And if you are waiting more than half the year, the job search may be too narrow by only looking in limited areas, or within certain industries, and one that may require minimal travel to and from work. By being more open, the possibility of finding a job more quickly can be achieved. That is why you may want to consider broadening your search to land a job quicker, especially if you have been looking for seven months! Try to open yourself up to commuting to work a little further, more industries, more career types, and more entry- level positions, even if you are qualified for a high level job. Try to get your foot in the door anyway possible while trying to be realistic.

Whenever you interview and get overlooked for the position, try getting feedback from the interviewer by either asking them in the interview or by email, be sure to ask them what skills they would recommend to help in anyway . If you had struggled answering their interview questions, then get a friend or a family member to assist you with doing a mock interview to help you with improving your confidence. Anything to help build your skills and give you an edge when figuring out how to secure that coveted full-time job.

Professional networking can also really assist you during a job search. It is often a matter of who you know, not just what you know. Places like college alumni associations, career fairs all get help you build a solid network which you can later get in touch with when you are looking for a job. So while all of these points are important to apply to your routine, these are just ideas that will enhance your attitude and chances of securing the job. But what about finding the means to see what jobs are available? Places that post the jobs that you would like to apply for. Places like job boards, specific job websites that post positions of all kinds. These are ultimately the most important tools you need as without this, you will not be aware of what is available and where to apply to.

So you have no job, you are told to upgrade your skill set, stay positive and try networking yourself without spending too much money. You are also advised to improve on your interview skills to gain more confidence. However, many college and university graduates all feel the same once they have graduated, and that is the need to be guided down the right path once graduation is complete in order to get the best chance to land a job. Nothing more and nothing less, correct? Well, though that may be the case, it is not always that simple and that is why many grads struggle with the reality they have.

But, it is important to know that while many don’t know where to turn once they see the signs of no employment setting in, it is good to know that there are alternative solutions to making sure that new graduates from college and university can reach out and find help with there challenge towards finding a steady career. See, while some settle on a job that is below their skill level just to pay off their debt or pay bills, others can find relief in the form of an online portal that understands the challenges new graduates from college or university face. was setup to alleviate any and all issues that arise from the challenges facing new graduates, junior positions and students. We have tailored our website to gear towards helping students, new graduates and junior positions find work without having to cope with all that stands in their way.

The unfortunate reality with online job boards and job lists today is that these websites post jobs that require experience, something that new graduates, students and junior level individuals are seeking. That is how these individuals get trapped in a cycle where they feel they are in a catch-22. They try to get a college or university degree only to be told once they are complete that they need experience. Is there hope or an option out there that will help new graduates and students get their foot in the door? As a matter of fact, there is! The website is a website portal focusing on offering new graduates, students and junior level positions to those that are looking for entry-level positions, student jobs and summer internships. We specialize in helping those individuals find jobs that are not below the skill level, are not low-skill level positions, period.

Along with providing fundamental job opportunities for new graduates and students, there are many benefits to signing up with Our website includes a FREE membership where you connect directly with prospecting employers looking to hire new graduates and students with entry level and junior positions. We have made our website easy to navigate through and use, so you do not feel intimidated in anyway when you come to our website. And best of all, we have new jobs that are updated daily, giving you extra incentive to visit our website on a regular basis.

Along with finding credible jobs for entry level positions and junior positions on our website, there are many other benefits that you will find when using our service. We have an advanced job search feature and an accompanying automated match tool that will help you match your skills with the jobs posted.

Want your resume/CV to stand out from the rest? It can by using our Top Resume feature, which gives your resume/CV top priority over the other resumes/CVs by listing it in a higher sequence than regular resumes/CVs. This is essential if you are looking to seek higher visibility towards employers. This bodes well because with thousands of jobs added daily from all over the world including USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, India, there are many advantages to working closely with

So if you are ready to shed the stereotype of looking for work where employers are in turn looking for individuals with experience, visit where employers and recruiters are always looking for new graduates and students every day to place you in junior positions and entry level positions that are not low skilled. Come where employers and recruiters will find you; on!

How to write an effective high demain resume/CV for Entry Level Jobs or Internships for new and recent graduates

A highly effective resume is all the difference between having a resume that is in high demand and ultimately landing an interview and a resume that is not highly in demand and having your resume get place with the other “not interested” resumes. So, the ultimate question becomes, how do you get your resume to be a high demand resume, especially if you are a recent graduate? With so much being emphasized on experience in today’s economy, it is no wonder that recent graduates need to make a splash with an effective and high demand resume in order to get any consideration whatsoever when it comes to landing a highly skilled job, as opposed to settling for a low skilled position.

So as stated above, as something that a lot of recent graduates ask themselves, “how do I get my resume to be a high demand resume that is highly effective?” Well, the first thing to consider is what goes into your resume, how to structure it, focus on your passionate skills along with highlighting your extra curricular skills for an employer to recognize and learn more about you. Having important keywords within your resume makes it more effective and lets employers seek you out from the crowd. But that alone is not enough. There is more that you need to do in order to have your resume be considered a high demand resume.

You can try formatting your resume by not making it too flashy, a common mistake that many recent graduates make. Even though it may be acceptable to sometimes spice it up slightly especially in the art profession, generally speaking, you should not mess with a standard resume format because it will make it harder for a recruiter to find what they may be looking for within your resume. It can be helpful to keep in mind a recruiter will not consider a resume because of how pretty it looks, they will consider a resume based on how qualified a candidate is. And ultimately, if a recruiter cannot find the information they need quickly, you have lost your chance. So be sure that your skills are on display clearly and concisely, not hidden behind some fancy formatting. Be sure to have your full name and your contact information at the top of the resume and make your sub-headings are bolded and underlined. It is important to make it easy for the recruiter to all the right information easily to convince them to consider you for the position.

You want to make sure the best information stands out loud and clear and here is what to do. The recruiter is typically looking at the top of a resume usually, not halfway down the page, and rarely near the bottom. So with that said, determine what the most important points in your resume are and then strategically, rearrange your resume based on that, with the most important point on top. For example, if you are applying for a consulting position, place your education on top, with your GPA the focal point. The point being made here is that make sure whoever is reviewing your resume they get the message about what your highlights are, instantly!

So now that you have made sure your resume is organized as you want it to be such as moving your strong point(s) to the top, you should also consider what else will go on your resume. For example, consider showcasing the key points and then use bolding and large fonts along with underlining, and italicizing in order to emphasize all the important highlights. For instance, if you have a job you worked for at a well-known company, you should probably consider highlighting the company name as much, if not more, instead of just emphasizing the position title at the organization. Conversely, if you were one of the first employees at a new start-up, consider placing more emphasis on the job title you had as opposed to the name of the company.

Considering that your resume usually gets only a quick glance, it is possible that whatever you decide to bold, that is what is going to get looked at. However, you have to be sure that it makes an impact because while your resume may be a very brilliant resume, thanks to the lime paper you printed it on, that is not what is going to get your resume noticed. If you are sure that you are a qualified candidate for an open position, your focus is to make it as easy as possible for the recruiter to find the importance and relevance of the available position on your resume. So in the end, in order to pass the resume speed test, be sure to keep everything where it needs to be, and then move your strengths to the top and be sure to highlight them, and be sure to not be afraid to tout your horn a little throughout the rest of your resume.

You can never underestimate the importance of having a good resume because like many other things in life, a first impression counts and a first impression that a new employer may have of you will all depend on how well you present your resume. As you know, this will be your only chance to catch the attention of a potential recruiter, or whether your resume unfortunately gets tossed into the trash or even worse, the dreaded file of those that an employer does not want to pursue. Statistics show that an average employer will only spends 20-30 seconds, maximum, looking at a resume, so with everything pointed out above, it is crucial that your resume makes an impression you need. And within this increasingly ultra-competitive job market, you must have a professional resume that will contain all the right information of you, your experience and what you can offer the potential employer that you are applying to work for.

Reason being, you want your resume to stand out among the hundreds of other resumes that are being sent in with yours, while giving you the best chance to get their attention. When creating your winning resume, that is the one thing to always remember, that you only have seconds to impress the potential employer that is going to be taking a glance at your resume, so be cognisant and make sure that all your years of experience that you have under your belt will best be represented clearly and concisely in your resume. The most common type of resume format used is the chronological resume style, and it may be in your best interest to follow that style considering that the employer you are looking to impress or at least the recruiter, is familiar with the style of resume writing. This style of resume typically works best for a job seeker having a stable career progression in either one or two field areas. The way the resume is presented makes all the difference in getting it recognized with the many others you are competing against and making sure that you have all your key points highlighted properly, bolded nicely and making sure that you are emphasizing all the highlights that will give you the advantage you need in this ever-competitive time that we endure when it comes to searching for a job.

Among many other things to keep in mind, it is here where placement plays an important role. But with so many job boards stating that high demand resume placement is important, and that along with an effectively written resume helps to make your resume high demand, enough is not done to place your resume in a high demand position. Until now! Welcome to, an online job board tailored to create interest for your high demand resume.

With the focus in today’s society and economy on employee seekers needing experience, unfortunately, job boards, recruiters and employers fill that stereotype by forcing individuals seeking a job to have experience. And with new graduates, students and junior level individuals stuck in a “lose-lose” situation, they are left wondering how can they overcome this and find a highly skilled position. They feel as though they can create the most effective resume possible and then wonder how to get in position to be in high demand and have their resume in high demand. This is where fills the gap created in our society today. We are a website determined to provide all new graduates, students and junior level job seekers with high skilled positions as entry-level positions, student jobs and summer internships. We understand that helping those individuals find jobs is priority number #1, and we do that by offering specialized features on our website that make us unique.

We offer many advantages when you decide to sign-up with us at Do you want your resume to be in high demand? Then consider our Top Resume feature, giving your resume/CV the highest priority in our database system over others with a resume/CV seeking a highly skilled position. Your resume will be listing higher than others, making your resume be positioned to be considered in a higher demand, giving you that competitive advantage that you are seeking. This is important because thousands of jobs get added to our database each and every day globally including USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland and India.

Along with placing your resume in high demand, our website includes other benefits such as offering a FREE membership connecting you directly with an interested employer that is seeking to employ students and new graduates with junior and entry level positions. A simple and easy website to navigate is what you will find with

If finding highly skilled entry level and junior positions are important to you? Then our website is for you. Have you tried our powerful resume/CV builder online? If you have not, we recommend you do as this is a user-friendly tool capable of posting your resume/CV quickly and effortlessly. Our advanced job search feature is another tool you will find useful helping you match your skills with the highly skilled jobs posted on our website.

Make sure you stand out from other job seekers by getting your resume/CV placed in a high demand position so you will connect with employers that offer new graduates and students with high skilled entry level and junior positions. wants to make sure that you have all the tools in place when you are seeking a new position, and we have done our research focusing on what is important to you and employers. Try us out today and see the difference first hand!

How to successfully pass an interview for Entry Level Jobs or Internships for new and recent graduates

Interviews can be your one opportunity to sell yourself to a prospective employer and make a positive first impression. That is why it is important to spend some time preparing for your interview in order to successfully pass it and ultimately land that job. However, what is important to be successful at your interview? There are many things you need to do in order to plan for success, which includes approaching the interview a certain way, and making sure that you avoid mistakes at your job interview so you give yourself the best opportunity to succeed.

So, you have landed an interview with an organization; congratulations! Now, the preparation begins to make sure you are ready to go and land the job. The first thing that you should consider is researching the organization in order to get a sense of the company culture and understand their goals and vision and make it your own. Another important point when researching the organization is to learn a little bit about who is interviewing you. Learn their name and show them that you will do whatever it needs to show how much you want to land the job. Then you should be able to answer the following question before you go to the interview: Why are you a good fit with this organization? Make sure you can explain to the interviewer why you are a good fit by being honest and having a positive attitude. The first impression you leave on an interviewer of the organization you are interviewing with will make all the difference and the face-to- face interview is that chance.

Another thing to prepare for prior to your interview is to have some good questions on your own to ask the interviewer. Examples of good questions to ask can include:

1. What does an individual need in order to be successful at this organization?

2. Is there room for growth in this organization?

3. You can consider asking the interviewer “How do you like working here?”

By asking questions, you are illustrating to the interviewer that you are interested in the interview process, so having a list of questions will help you show how engaged you are. Although simple enough, some people do not take care of the simplest tasks when it comes to attending an interview. This includes always having an extra copy of your resume handy, just in case because in some cases, an interviewer may genuinely not have a copy of your resume, while others may test you to see how prepared you really are. Either way, it is better to be safe than sorry, so make sure you print and bring an extra copy of your resume. It is also imperative that you double-check your resume for spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes. You are not giving yourself a chance when your resume is loaded with spelling and grammar mistakes, so make sure to double-check and have a friend or family member check in case you miss something.

Another step, while simple enough cannot be stressed enough, and that is to dress for success! When you have an interview lined up, be sure to pick out an outfit that will make you look very professional. For men, dark-coloured suits and a tie are proper for interviews, while for women, business outfits or business formal dresses are appropriate.

While is it important to do all the right things to nail the interview process, there are things to keep in mind that you should not do. For example, if you have your cell phone in your pocket or bag, make sure that it is shut off or that the ringer is set to silent. Once the interview is done, you can turn it back on or increase the ringer volume. Another interview no-no, do not talk money. Now, some interviewers may ask you salary expectations, the proper answer you should give should be along the lines that you are seeking fair market value inline with the expectations of the job title and requirements.

Lastly, some things that you should have with you when attending the interview, includes having a well written cover letter that speaks to yourself, highlighting your skills, and your hobbies and interests. Then there is a reputable list of references. Consider getting a list of references that are both reputable and will help with your chances at getting the position when an interviewer or organization attempts to follow-up with your references. So the interview is complete, now what? Very simple; follow up. It is a good idea to contact the interviewer shortly after the interview so your name remains in the discussion. Emails are the best way of correspondence for a follow-up. Good luck with your job interview, and if you are prepared, it will be an experience that you will enjoy, so relax, get a good night sleep the night before and nail that interview!

How to get promoted in your career

In order to be considered an attractive employee, setting goals is always a good thing. Succeeding in any career is all about striving for the next level, and while landing the job was a great accomplishment, the next goal was to pass the probation period, which all have been done successfully! So know what? Set a goal of being promoted of course! When looking to be promoted, it is important that you are focused on the job you were hired for, succeed at that and excel in that prior to looking at being promoted.

It is important to note that a promotion should not be looked as a given. In the past, hard work and dedication resulted in employee progressing higher career paths, however, times have changed such as the impact technology has had on the job industry as a whole along with different organizational structures, the promotion paradigm has changed in today’s economy. Employees now have to look to set goals and create their own path in the company they work at. Another important thing to keep in mind is you may need to move laterally before you can move upwards, something that you need to keep in mind.

So how do you go about creating and setting goals for attempting to be promoted in the company you are working at, Best Jobs 4 Grads has developed a plan to assist you with your goals:

1. Create a Good Relationship with Your Manager

Establishing an open relationship with your manager is a very important way to position yourself in getting promoted. Show them how happy you are in your current role and how eager you are to be promoted within the organization. You can also ask intelligent questions that will help you get the right answers on what you can do to get promoted within.

2. Behave Professionally at Work

Make sure that you do not get caught up in gossiping at work. It is important that you are always professional with your work, and your colleagues. Be sure that you are friendly with staff, this does not mean be their best friends, but it does mean to be friendly and courteous while you are at work. Also, dressing for success helps show how eager you are while you are at work.

3. Keep a Record of Your Performance at Work

While you are working, it is important to know that you are contributing to help the company’s bottom line. If your job is helping with that, keep notes and make sure that you let your manager know that your hard work is helping the organization. This will only help when evaluating your value and worth to the company when it comes time for a promotion.

4. Go That Extra Mile at Work

When you want something more valuable, it is not handed to you on a platter, you have to go after it and work that much harder for it. With that said, this applies when you are looking to be promoted. What can you do to help your cause? Acquire new skills and knowledge and ask for more responsibilities at work. With technology changing, learning a new skill with go a long way in today’s economy and taking on just a little more responsibilities, while making sure your priorities are not jeopardized, will increase your value within the organization.

5. Be a Team Player at Work

If you are not already, then become a team player at work immediately. With so many tasks being done with teams, be sure that you are able to work within a team as this will show that you are not only able to work alone, but can work well within a team. This also includes helping out your fellow colleagues within the team structure.

6. Practice Good Habits at Work

There are certain habits that you can pickup at work that can make the difference between being a candidate that seems worthy of a promotion and not. Some of these habits include:

• Do not be afraid to ask questions when not sure how to do something.

• Make yourself stand out with your hard work and engagement by speaking up in meetings.

• Try not to whine or complain and DO NOT blame others when things are not going so well.

• Try not to watch the clock towards the end of the day, keep working away to get the job done on time.

By showing your initiative and value to the organization, these things will help you when it time for a promotion.

A smart strategy that an employer can use to recruit great talent to their organization is to use job boards to not only post jobs available at their company, but to manage their own employer brand, both offline and online. The reason that this is a good strategy is because job boards are good at focusing and gathering an audience of job seekers to employers looking for individuals to hire and vice-versa. Therefore, a job board can be an effective marketing tool for the employer along with its core use; a recruiting hotbed for recent graduates, students and junior positions.

So the question becomes for employers, which online job board is the smartest to partner up with to not only enhance their brand for job seekers, but to ultimately recruit job seekers for their job posting? With so many job boards online providing services that attract employers, the key is to look for features on the individual job board/website that is a perfect fit for the employer. At Best Jobs 4 Grads, the employer has many valuable services and tools that can not only generate interest, but create a brand online as there are many benefits to partnering up with us.

A very important analytic for any website is the amount of visitors that an online job board gets on a month to month basis, and is visited by thousands of recent graduates in all fields with and without experience. The site is also visited by both junior and senior professionals that are looking to establish a relationship with an employer where many candidates are also willing to relocate in order to get a job, so flexibility is something that you will find from employees that makes a prospect very attractive for an employer. As an employer, when you use, you are not limited in your approach and strategy – you are free to post all sorts of positions; including jobs for recent graduates, junior positions, internships, co-op positions, senior positions, full-time positions, part-time and summer jobs.

Other benefits to using website for employers includes being able to post jobs for FREE. While many other job boards online promote FREE posts, they do provide the combination of the amount of new job seekers that visit our website and do not offer the tremendous amount of valuable tools to help with your user experience on the website. Keeping with the point of the usability of the website, it is both a user- friendly system and easy to communicate.

When you decide to work with, you are not only limiting yourself to our website, you are connecting to a network that gives your job posts exposure and access to different website around the world. We give employers an opportunity to post a job for individuals globally to see the post and possibly apply to it, providing your job post and company with a global branding initiative. This is significant because with thousands of jobs getting added to our database daily, which includes jobs globally such as USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland and India, our candidate database grows daily as well.

We make sure that you stand out from other employers when you posts jobs on our database by offering packages that for a small fee, gets your job posting prominent exposure that will be viewed by many new job seekers, recent graduates and students. For just $5, a HOT JOB posting, will get your job posting on top of the job list. This is a nice opportunity for a new posting to be seen by candidates with various backgrounds including a university graduate with a degree, a college graduate with a diploma and a high school diploma graduate.

Having been in business for business for over 3 years, understands that each job post can be catered to a certain graduate so we encourage all employers to work with us so your post garners interest from prospects with a vast background. With hundreds of happy candidates who landed a job from our site, joining our job post as an employer gives you the best chance of securing a top talent for your organization. wants to make sure that employers have all the tools in place when seeking a new employee and posting a job post, and we have done our work to help you realize what job seekers are looking for so you can attract them. See the difference for yourself by giving a chance today!

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