Useful Tips for Interviews

What they are looking for

The idea of an interview itself is often something that creates anxiety, especially if you have not had an interview for quite some time. It is important to understand that it is often a similar feeling for those who are conducting the interview. The interview itself is to gain a sense of who you are as an individual and how you fit within their needs. The goal of this article is to review with you how to meet these expectations by presenting to you what is being searched in terms of required skills, knowledge and experience as well as conducting yourself professionally in-person.

Dress for success

Your appearance in an interview is very important as this is the first impression an interviewer see of you. It is important to dress professionally for the interview, be well groomed, have a nice smile and make eye contact when you enter the room. Small details including trimming and keeping your fingernails clean will help along with covering up tattoos.

Research job and company

Another point to consider prior to the interview is to do some research on both the job and the company. When you gain knowledge about the job and company, it helps prepare you and alleviate some of the anxiety that comes with a job interview itself.

Practise, Practise, Practise - practise speaking out loud for others to judge.

Something that many people overlook is the importance of speaking out loud, so you can hear yourself, and also a good idea to do it in front of the mirror. This will help you get a good sense of how you sound and to help you prepare when speaking face to face with the interviewer. Although difficult to accept, it is a good idea to be critiqued when speaking out loud, by a friend or family member. This helps you to adjust so you are fully prepared in the interview.

Focusing on "I" in achievements (skills, Knowledge, experience).

It is important to make the interviewer aware of your achievements by explaining to them what you have achieved, and supporting with actual examples of how you applied these achievements to real world situations. Be sure to demonstrate what you can do, not what you cannot do.

Asking and answering questions in interview, common questions, not asking about salary or benefits unless mentioned.

When in an interview it is best to refrain from asking questions about either salary or benefits during the initial stages of an interview unless the interviewer raises it. However, it is acceptable to bring up other concerns or questions about the job such as job responsibilities, schedules, and workplace environment. By doing this you are showing your potential employer that you are thinking of what you have to offer them as opposed to what you want from them. This is key as they are looking for what they can gain from you and not from what they must do for you! By satisfying and exceeding their requirements you will find it much easier to discuss salary and benefits once the interview progresses to where they are eager to hire you instead of where it is you who is eager to be hired by them!

Preparing resume/CV with reference for employer.

When you attend the initial interview you may reasonably expect your interviewer to possess a copy of your resume/CV but it is wise to bring a copy with you to prepare for an instance where they have misplaced it or mixed yours up with someone else. If this is the case you have the opportunity to show your preparedness with a copy to alleviate any problems if they are not able to produce the copy that you have sent to them originally. Always have your references ready to produce for them on request to complete any requirements for your interview file to expedite your interview process. Remember that the interview process is often a multi-stage process where applicants are narrowed down step by step according to various criteria. Always be prepared and you will be ready for any situation that arises!

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